Why you need to target competitive keywords in content marketing

Today, it is not just about coming up with content. You need to think more critically about what you write and how you will distribute it. It is important to have earned, owned, and paid kind of distribution to ensure that the content has a wide reach.

Content marketing strategies should be treated like ongoing processes. This means that it is necessary to measure progress regularly and then refine the plans based on what you feel is the best for the business. It is important to keep on resetting the metrics when needed.

You need to appreciate that content marketing is a tactic that is long-term and so you will have to be patient if you want to see good results. It may take months before you can reap the benefits of your strategy.

Competitive keywords

There are some copywriters who are of the belief that since big website use the most competitive keywords, then go for those less competitive. This is not the case.
Do not assume that using less competitive keywords would give a top rank in the search engine. This is because search has become sematic. In the past, SEO was very simple.

All you needed was to pick keywords and then use them as many times as you could. After that, the search engine would show that content to users once the keyword was entered.

Things are very different today because of the introduction of new algorithms from time to time. The first algorithm to be released aimed at understanding the words used and their meaning, by understanding the intent of the user, it is now possible to get very relevant results.

This means that if you were to enter a certain keyword without any valuable information to support it, then you will not be ranked first. It is important to come up with content that is targeted, detailed, and rich.

People no longer think in keywords

If you want to excel in content marketing, then you need to understand that things have changed and the users have changed as well. Today, a person will not just type only one single word or two words in a search box. Instead, people run a whole query using the language of choice and expect instant results. In some cases, Google anticipates what a user is about to write and may even give suggestions to finish the query faster.

This is what is called predictive search. You need to review all the options that you have if you are to make the most of the competitive keywords available. There are infinite variations in the relevant search queries available. A good copywriter should write as extensively as possible across a wide range of the most relevant topic. It is important for the content to have substance and depth.

Do not ignore what the audience wants to read

Know that all topics are covered extensively on the internet and all angles covered. The less competitive search terms usually yield many results as well. It is therefore important to target the topics that the audience actually cares about. He or she should find all the main points and try to figure out the kinds of issues that the audience is actually trying to solve. This should be the start of any editorial plan.

In most cases, you may not uncover a topic that is completely new and one that has never been touched before. The main aim is to write in the most insightful way possible. This is the kind of thing that earns you shares and links. Using competitive keywords does not pose any problem.

However, if you do not add something unique, then there will be an issue.

There is no guarantee that you will be number one on the search results

It is important to appreciate the fact that there is never really a guaranteed number one spot on Google. No one should ever advise you that there is. It is very easy to be taken off the number one spot today. High profile sites may publish something that easily makes you look less credible.

It is only Google that can actually guarantee that coveted top spot in their search results. However, even they do not guarantee it in most cases and this is for many good reasons.

Target areas outside Google as well

It is very important for any content writer to do something extra away from Google. Do not just concentrate on one area only. There are many ways in which you can get your target audience to see your content. You should, therefore, channel some effort on some other platforms that could get you noticed.

You can generate considerable traffic from client referrals, in-person marketing, paid advertising, social media campaigns, and email campaigns. You need to find the best way in which to make a significant impact on the different platforms available. This is one of the easiest ways in which you can be noticed and get information about who you are and your brand to the potential and current audience.

You should never ignore what the audience needs to have a spot in the search engine by choosing a tangentially related keyword.

You should also remember that keeping an existing client is much cheaper and easier than acquiring a new one. You should target your former clients, current clients, prospects, and followers on social media are more likely to engage with the content you offer than a person who is visiting the site the very first time.

If you avoid competitive keywords, you are failing the existing audience to favor looking for new ones. The best strategy is maybe to consider the kind of content that suits each type of channel and audience. It is only after this that you can come up with a good editorial plan that will cover all bases adequately.

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