Ways in which you can use Instagram stories to generate leads


Instagram is a social networking platform and a platform where people share photos. This is a social media platform, which is quite popular with young adults and teens. This is the kind of light that most people envision Instagram. It is, however, important to see Instagram as a platform that can help you generate B2B leads.
There are some statistics that can prove that Instagram is one of the best platforms for generating leads.

• About 80% of Instagram users follow one or more businesses on the platform
• Around 79% of the users do take some kind of action after seeing a post
• Around 72% claim that they have made decisions of style, beauty, or fashion purchases after seeing a post on Instagram
• Over half of the users claim that they have come to know about the existence of a service or a product on this platform
• The platform has well over 800 million active users on a monthly basis
• There are around 200 million users on Instagram who visit business profiles on a single day

Why you should take it seriously

You need to appreciate that each Instagram feature like Instagram stories can get over 300 million views on a daily basis for the active users. This only tells you that focusing on a feature can help you to generate a considerable amount of leads and visits on a single day.

To be successful on Instagram, it is necessary to convince your followers and then influence their decision making process where they decide to buy.

Using Instagram stories to influence buyers

If your posts on Instagram are not getting adequate engagement and attention, you need to rethink or change the kind of strategy you are applying on Instagram to get a positive outcome.

So how can it be done? The following are the best ways you can use Instagram stories to generate leads.

• Give the stories a personality

One of the greatest advantages that you get from using Instagram stories is that they can be personalized according to the personality of the brand. Adding a human touch is a necessity because the audience has to see that the brand does have a human side.

Most of the audience just wants a good experience, not just content that is informative. To this effect, you need to design the stories in a way that you can make demonstrations. Use music and stickers in the stories to give the brand some sort of individuality. You can also let the audience know the team you work with and have all people involved including the executives. This makes followers feel like a part of the company and they may be more willing to make a purchase because they feel valued.

• Post popular content regularly

We all know that humans are often driven by their habits. Usually, if a person sees something they like, they will want to see it over and over again up to the time when they get bored.

This same rule is applicable to the Instagram stories that you post. You need to find out what kind of content stands out for your audience. You should then post such kind of content on a regular basis.

If you find that people like your product demos, you should ensure that they become a part of the marketing strategy on Instagram. This is one way in which you can get very loyal followers and people who want to engage with your posts. This makes the chances of conversion even better.

• Sharing posts

You should take time to share posts that are purpose driven. This is especially if you are keen on getting more sales, leads, and engagement through this social platform. It is important to have a strategy that matches the brand you are trying to sell. Hashtags are also very important on Instagram and so are geotags since they boost the engagement. A call to action is also a very important part of Instagram marketing.

• Using captions as a call to action

We have already mentioned that it is important to have a CTA, or call to action. This phrase tells the customers what you expect them to do and try as much as you can to convince them to do it. You should be careful with CTAs on Instagram though. You should not overdo them because this could frustrate your campaign entirely.

Most of the people who use Instagram prefer to remain on the platform not to be redirected. However, you still need to direct them to your page or website and the only way you can achieve this is by adding the call to action. Since you are allowed to have more content in a caption, you need to be clever and add a call to action. Mini-blogs are also quite popular.

• Be a thought leader

If you use Instagram, you know that stories usually expire in a days’ time, which is 24 hours. It is therefore important to offer the thought leadership kind of content. By delivering such content via stories, the audience actually views it as an experience that is exclusive. Sharing such a thing also creates a kind of urgency and they get to see the content very quickly. To be perceived as a thought leader in the industry you operate in, you should share experiences; give insights and advice on the trending topics as well as the burning issues. Product demonstrations are also a wise way to go.

• Videos

Videos are becoming a big thing in social media and if you are not using them, then you are missing out. More and more people are watching videos and making decisions based on them. It is less hectic than reading.


The above are some of the considerations that you should make if you want to use Instagram to your advantage. The content you post on Instagram needs to have a human touch. This allows people to relate to what you are saying. You should also show your authority in your industry of operation and add videos to get more engagement. In everything you do, make sure you always deliver value to the customers constantly.

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