Video Marketing – How Videos Affect Search Engine Rankings

This century consumers like being entertained with the latest technologies; and with YouTube and other social media tools easily available, consumers are not disappointed. Even businesses today are tapping in on video marketing to promote their brand and offerings for more traffic to their websites and sales that lead to greater profit.

Important Role of Video Marketing

Innovative businesses are deploying video marketing to promote their brand and products or services actively on the Internet. Advanced technologies offer a variety of video types which businesses could generate to market themselves and increase their market presence. Businesses today could engage social media, FAQ, video tour, promotional, testimonials and interview types of videos that are interesting and appealing to web consumers.

Business videos need not be long or solemn in content and presentation. These are promotional entities that must be appealing and informative to capture the attention and interest of web consumers, especially targeted niche audience that are potential leads to the business.

Video marketing is very effective in drawing more traffic to the web business site if the promotional video is well designed and developed. Various factors are involved to generate an impactful video that promotes the brand or image of the business with products and services. It is easy to design and develop an effective promo video for any company in any industry to draw in the desired traffic as there is a myriad of free or low cost video development tools in the market.

It does not take very long to produce a simple yet effective video that could convey the best of business branding and product information to convince potential leads viewers about the dynamics of the business offerings.

YouTube is an excellent video platform from Google that allows many businesses to win over many business prospects with well designed promo videos that could secure hundreds of thousands of viewers. Such an appealing promo video could even go viral to boost the brand and market presence of the company in a short period. However, a good promo video must be highly ranked by top search engines in the market to be approved for recommendation to online viewers.

Search Engine Rankings on Videos

Top search engines like Google execute universal searches where a variety of results are added to the search ranking results. This might include videos and images as well as noteworthy news. Hence, good promo videos from companies could be uploaded to YouTube and show up in Google’s search results. Businesses could also upload their promo videos on various video sharing sites to be viewed by the web community as well as picked up by popular search engines for a high ranking based on the topic or business.

Research on video marketing reveals that well designed and developed videos would most likely be picked up by search engines and ranked on the first page. This would be an excellent outcome for the business entity that hopes to secure more market presence and traffic through their attempted video marketing campaign.

However, in order for a business video to be ranked on the first page of top search engines, various designing and development factors must be executed professionally. Unique and impactful keywords must be applied for exceptional search results such as a high ranking.

Google reveals videos in 2-pack, 3-pack or 4-pack formations in its universal search results where two, three or four videos are displayed together on one line across the screen. The 2-pack videos showed more repeats of viewing by web consumers than other options.

High search engine rankings could also stem from the best of keyword intent applied on the promo videos of businesses. It is vital to insert the right keyword intent on the text description column when uploading the video as this information is instrumental to the ranking outcome of the video at whichever video sharing site it is displayed.

Hence, transactional keywords such as “free”, “cheap” or “sale” may be appealing to catch viewers’ attention, but pale towards a high search engine ranking for the video on any video sharing site. Navigational keywords that include website addresses, brand names and descriptions do not ignite high search rankings as well.

Informational keywords that include comparative phrases or instructional and educational information garnered stronger page rankings from search engines. Businesses that are indulging in video marketing must understand the factors that would impact their promo video not only to web consumers but also search engines.

Simple video presentation entities such as an enticing video title and descriptive text and tags would augur well with top search engines in their SERPs results.

Improving Video Ranking

A video could have a better Google ranking with higher web traffic and sales at the end of the day if the video is designed and developed using the right video generation tools and skills. An impactful promo video must capture viewers’ attention immediately and hold it for the first few seconds to entice them to finish viewing the video. Great videos would be able to compel viewers to a call for action such as make a purchase after viewing the video or subscribe to the business emailing list provided that the opt-in feature is made available.

Video marketing is a very popular tool with modern businesses as it does not incur heavy costs in its production, dissemination or maintenance. More and more consumers prefer watching a video than reading an email today, especially for their shopping needs.

The videos could be improved to secure better search engine rankings if the right elements are included in the production. The inclusion of the URL or domain name at the description portion of the video could enhance page rankings by search engines. High ranking videos should also engage long tail keywords in a top search.

Submitting multiple videos to multiple video sharing sites also enhances the search engine rankings as search engines visit these sites every few minutes to rank videos found there. Improved rankings could be achieved with an uploading of videos to blogs and other websites, convert videos into podcasts to be published on the Internet or submit promo video links to different social bookmarking sites.

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