The power of colors and how you can use them to your marketing advantage.

In the world of internet marketing, one of the most underrated weapons you have in your web designing arsenal is the use of colors to enhance the psychology of the message that you wish to convey to your viewers. When used correctly, you can bring a lot more power to your sales message with just the correct use of the right color themes to your overall look of your sales letter. Let us take a deeper look into the many colors that we are able to use in our web designs, and what it can do to help your business grow.

The Power of RED

The color Red is usually associated the emotions such as love, passion, danger, warning, excitement, food, impulse, action, and a sense of adventure. Marketers usually use this color to attract attention to the headline. This color is usually paired with a white background or any color of contrast to bring the red colored headline or to get a picture to stand out. This is a very important color to use if your sales message is looking to bring in a sense of excitement. However you should be careful not to over use this color because it can become an eyesore or strenuous to the eye especially if the viewers are forced to look at this color for a long period of time.

The Power of BLUE

The color blue is often associated with the feeling of success, calmness, power, security, and trustworthiness. Hence many marketers will use this color as the background of an ‘honest’ themed sales letter. This blue background will give the readers a sense of security (much like the colors of a policeman’s uniform). Another great place to use this color is to use it nearing your buy button or on your checkout page to give your readers a feeling of trust. As we all know, the trust level when purchasing an item online is crucial to your success.

The Power of GREEN

The color of green is usually connected to the nature, health, harmony and sometimes money as well. Therefore if you are in the health and healing niche, it will do you good to use more of this color in your sales message. You should think about the proper place to use this color. A great place to use this color would in your cover image to help people associate your product with the niche. Of course, this color is often associated with money as well so you could use it in the make money niche as well.

The Power of ORANGE

The color of orange is associated with creativity, celebration, fun, and youth. Therefore when you are creating an exciting and fun sales message or if you have a bonus, a gift or a competition that you are planning to organize, the color orange will do well as the main color theme in your designs.

The Power of PURPLE

The color Purple is closely tied with the justice, fantasy, and dreams. This is a great color to use when you are planning to create a sense of mystery and a sense of imagination. For example, you are planning to create a product that is about how to court a woman’s heart, this color will help you bring the right emotions for the occasions. People will get a sense of mystery and your job is to help them crack this mystery and solve their problems.

The Power of WHITE

The color WHITE is usually connected to innocence, purity simplicity and cleanliness. In modern marketing, we usually use the white color to create a room to breathe in our sales message where we use white spaces in between our text to help people rest or take a break in between the paragraphs. This color is also very useful to bring out contrast to some of the other colors that you wish to make it stand out. Other than that, you can also use this color on niches that is connected to medical or health to symbolize a sterile environment.

The Power of YELLOW

Yellow is a great color to use if you are designing a website that is connected to curiosity, playfulness, amusement or cheerfulness. Hence the reason why we see this color a lot as the background to a site that is designed for kids. This color is meant to bring out the brightness and cheerfulness of the younger generation.

The Power of PINK

When you look at the color PINK, we get the feeling of feminine, softness, innocence, tenderness, youthfulness and even sweetness. Hence this is a good color for a valentines’ website or a website a dating or profile page of a girl.

The Power of BROWN

The color of Brown or chocolate is usually associated with the color or earth, the nature, and simplicity. Not only has that some peopled also associate it with wood, tribal and primitiveness. Therefore as a web designer if you wish to create a sense of vintage or the Wild West, this will be a great color to utilize. Of course there are many other things you can this color for as well.

The Power of GRAY

The color Gray is a neutral kind of color. It symbolizes indifference and a sense of reserved. Using this color is marketing is rare but designers will still use this color with a mix of other colors to help bring out the other colors and help them shine.

The Power of BLACK

The color BLACK is all about seriousness, darkness, mystery, and secrecy. This is the generally accepted color for normal text on your website because of its sense of seriousness and also because it is rather easy on the eyes of the reader. This color is very good to help people bring a sense of darkness if the story that you are trying to say in your sales message is related to a dark past or hardship in the pass. Many marketers who use the ‘Gurus are EVIL’ approach will use this color as well.

As a summary, you should learn the functions of these colors well because it will help improve your marketing efforts in huge leaps.

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