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an image of video%20marketing Creative professional working at the deskCreative professional working at the desk”Videos are everywhere. Every day people watch millions of hours of video and generate billions of views on YouTube alone. And that is just one video site. Take advantage of video marketing to get your message in front of nearly limitless prospects. Learn the right tips and strategies for your network marketing business to succeed in the ever growing video market.

How to Use Video Marketing to Generate Massive Exposure for Your Network Marketing Business
When it comes to driving tons of targeted traffic to your website and building your network marketing business, video marketing is one of the most powerful and inexpensive weapons in your marketing arsenal. This is a free strategy – it doesn’t cost you anything, yet you have the opportunity to make money and generate massive exposure for your business.
Have you ever spent “quality” time on YouTube clicking from video to video, just like me? Why not use this strategy to boost your networking business as well?
The reality is that video marketing is here to stay and is only getting bigger. I find it interesting that Google purchased YouTube many years ago because they understood video marketing would be the way of the future.
People generally learn better through visual methods. You become a PERSON, a voice, someone your prospects can connect with. You aren’t just words on a page anymore but someone they can relate to. You can create powerful relationships with your prospects for your network marketing business on autopilot by following these simple steps!
Step 1: It is obvious that you need a way to record and post your content. You can go out and purchase a video camera. But if funds are tight, you can also use your smart phone, tablet or webcam to record and upload a video. If you have Windows you may already have Windows Movie Maker automatically installed on your computer where you can edit and upload your videos.
Step 2: Just as with a blog post – Content is King! What you include in your video is going to be one of the major deciding factors in your video’s success. You first want to identify who you are trying to target – who is your audience? You don’t have to incorporate keywords when recording your videos, but they will be ranked based on your title, description and back links.
Where do you get started with your content? One of easiest ways is to tell your story and how you got started in your business. You could also do a review of a movie, song, book or recent article and how this applies to your business opportunity. For best results record 2-6 minute videos so people will pay attention and listen to your entire video.
Step 3: Submitting Your Videos
Submit your videos manually to the top 3 free video hosting sites.
1. YouTube
2. Vimeo
3. Facebook Video.
You can upload your content to other hosting sites as well, but these are the top sites to use.
Most network marketers are still out there buying leads, losing money, hounding their family and friends, and overall have no clue how to properly build their opportunity. Use the power of free video marketing to build your network marketing business.
Dee Carlson is a stay at home mom (retired) and loves spending time with her family camping, horseback riding, motorcycle riding, skiing and travelling. She is focused on showing others that Network Marketing works! Dee enjoys sharing tips and tricks she has learned along the way. Avoid information overload and follow a proven system. Grab her free step-by-step guide to get prospects to join your team and get your business to the next level.

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