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Creating a great pin is one thing, but it’s a whole new thing getting it seen and then shared. What you should know is that not everyone will find your pin unless it is well optimized for purposes of engagement. There are many things that can be done to make your pin more visible and interesting to the target audience. There are also many different considerations that you have to make to ensure that everything has been carefully thought out and catered for.

What you should do to be noticed

The best time to pin

One of the things that you should know is what time is best for pinning. This usually depends on the audience you are targeting. This involves their habits and so there should be an optimal time for posting. When you want to post general information, 2-4 PM, or 8PM-1AM are the best times. Saturday morning is also seen by some as a great time to make a post.

Make pinning your site content easy

You can do this by adding a Pin It button to images on your phone app or sites. This can be done directly through the Pinterest site. If you are on word Press, you can use the plugin available. The buttons can be integrated quite easily and they can direct visitors to check your account or pin your content into their accounts. Without the buttons, your site may not bring the much-needed interaction.

Connecting with different social platforms

After creating a new account on social media, it does not make any sense to start seeking followers all over again. It is so much easier to connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts to the business account on Pinterest. In this way, you get followers faster by first tapping into those that you already have available in the other social platforms. This is one of the best ways in which content can be spread all over the platforms making you more visible. It helps to have Facebook and Twitter buttons available on Pinterest.

Newsletter pins

You can make things easier for people by simply sending them pins instead. A newsletter is one of the best ways in which you can get people to see your pins.

Pinterest SEO

SEO strategies are needed on Pinterest to help people discover pins easily. The best part is that optimizing on Pinterest is never that hard. There are simple steps that you can follow and you will be good to go.

1. Research the keywords using different tools like Google AdWords. This allows you to find keywords that are popular and you can pick those that are clearly connected to the business.
2. Add the keywords to the titles
3. Add keywords to the descriptions
4. Add keywords to the image file names

It is important not to overdo the keywords or you will come across as phony. It is important to do your best to optimize for SEO while still sounding human. You should void sounding like a robot.

Call pin

You probably know about a call-to-action that is usually included with ad copies. In the same way, you need a call-to-pin. This increases engagement quite significantly. You can encourage people to re-pin.

Engage to gain followers and build relationships

After people have seen pins and once they have become popular, it is time to use them in marketing. You can use them to build relationships with influencers and followers as this grows your reach in an incredible way. The more people you reach, the greater your success will be.

You need to be aware of what your audience is actually looking for. This allows you to actually create what they want and this ends up growing your following. Anticipating what others may like is always a great way to move forward. In many cases, many people will check how many accounts are following you, how many you are following, created pins so far, and the boards you have.

To build strong relationships and further improve your reach, you should:

1. Create posts frequently

If you want your Pinterest followers to increase, you should ensure that you make a minimum of five and a maximum of 30 pins on a daily basis. Do not just concentrate on repining other peoples content all the time. You should ensure that you have a couple of your own unique pins. Do not pin everything at once. You can post your pins all through the day. Remember, people are available at different times of the day. Pinning all at once means that your pins will have a limited audience.
You can have your own secret board where you can collect pins and save up time. You can then load all your pins on the secret board. All you have to do is go to the board at different times during the day and then pin them on other boards. This makes things so much easier.

Try to engage with your followers by replying to any comments made

Just as one responds to Facebook posts, comments on Instagram, and tweets, you can try engaging with followers in a direct manner to answer any questions they may have and responding to comments. You should try to address followers in a direct manner and use their names to improve customer service.

Comment on their pins

When you think of engagement, you need to embrace the fact that it goes both ways. You should take time to reach out to the boards of your followers and comment on the pins on their boards. This is like spreading the love as followers will also get to see what you are pinning, and probably comment.

Engage and follow some boards

If you want to roll your strategy out broadly, you need to engage and follow some of the authoritative or popular boards. There is a lot that can be learnt from the influencers. Look at what they pin and the kinds of boards they maintain. Look at how they engage too. The main aim here is to find out how you can reach their level.


When you comment on the pins, then you are essentially making the brand visible to the followers of such boards. Popular boards need to be followed because they are very relevant to the business or industry, not just due to the popularity. You should not follow just any board, especially when they are not really connected to your industry.

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