Is Video marketing a must?

Video marketing has turned into one of the mainstream ways to market your product. More and more marketers are moving into the use of videos in their promotional methods. Needless to say, a lot of gurus are also stressing the importance of using videos to replace old school marketing methods such as sales letters and stuff. However the main question that arises from all this is that is video marketing a must? Is it so essential that there should no longer a choice for marketers in the future? The answer to this daunting question is a straight no.

Now when we say no to this question, we are responsible to explain why this is not the case and there are many arguments that we can put out there and raise our case. Let us take a quick look at just some of these arguments and facts that we see in our internet marketing world.

There is no guarantee videos will be more compelling.

Now as with sales letters, there are no guarantees that every single video will be successful or will there be a guarantee that it will help convert well. No sales message is created equal and the difference between a normal sales letter and a video sales letter is the way it is presented to the audience. Quite frankly, not everyone in your niche will love the video format over the traditional written sales letter format. While a video sales letter does bring more video and audio potential to the table, some people who are viewing the video might find it annoying especially if they are forced to watch a video late at night when everyone is sleeping.

Needless to say, some of the auto plays videos online that starts as soon as the page loads and have some loud music blaring out can be rather annoying and this could hurt your video’s viewership. Hence there is no guarantee or is it proven that a video sales message would always outperform a traditional sales letter. One would actually have to test the traditional sales letter versus the video sales letter in order to see if it is worth using a video sales letter or not. Another big factor that will be taken into account is that you might even have to test more than one variation or the traditional sales letter or video sales letter for best optimization. The downside of using a video sales letter will then become rather apparent because it is not cheap or easy for one to tweak a video sales letter let alone produce one.

The niche might not be accustomed to a video.

Another simple reason why your video sales letter would downright fail is because your niche might not be accustomed to a video sales letter. Some niche just do not work well with video sales letters however those who will advise you to use one are usually in the internet marketing niche. You will actually have to test it out to know if it will work for your niche or not. There are many factors at play here and as to why it works or not in a certain niche. The question to if it will work or not is actually closely related to the people or traffic within your niche.

For example, if you are in a niche where the demographics are people who are in the lower tier of the financial chart, they might not have the ‘bandwidth’ or a good connection to watch your video smoothly. And that could be the instant killer to your viewership and sales. Not only that… the people in some countries which you are currently targeting might not have a strong enough ISP to provide a good connection for the best video viewing experience. All of these factors have to be taken into account before you decide if you should be using a video for your marketing efforts or not.

Length of video can be a turn off.

Another thing we want to point out here is that the length of a video can be a huge turn off. If the video is taking too long to load that would be a factor, if your video goes on and on for a long time and not able to catch the attention of your viewers then you are going to have trouble getting them to stay until the very end of the video. We all know that it is a fact that people do indeed scroll and quickly browse and scan through a traditional written sales letter. However it would be hard for people to do so when dealing with a video sales letter.

Hence people are either forced to sit there and watch through the entire video or they will click on the close button. And if your video sales letter isn’t as strong as it should be then most of the people will just leave your site leaving your expensive video doing nothing but killing your sales numbers.

Some videos are just plain annoying.

Next we would like to point out that some videos are just plain annoying. If you have an annoying written sales letter, people will first scroll to the bottom just to check the price and see if there’s anything else worthwhile before closing the webpage but for a video sales letter, where there’s no scroll to the back button you can be sure that they will just hit on the close button without any remorse. This explains why there are marketers out there who use both a video sales letter and written sales letter in their marketing message to dish out the best of both worlds.

If you have both of them working for you, you are giving your viewers the option to choose what they want to do and this will not annoy them in any sense. There is without a doubt that videos are the future, but much consideration has to be put into thought before you decide to use one and much test and work has to be placed into a campaign in order for it be optimized for your goals and produce the best performance in terms of making money.

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