Is AdWords Money a Path to Easy Money

Google AdWords can be a very profitable way of making money on the web using targeted keywords that place a campaign in front of the Google browser. Stories around AdWords that you have been hearing suggest that it has become more expensive.

This is my first port of call here: Yes, AdWords can be expensive and can cause financial losses IF you are not marketing the words properly.

It’s a known fact that online marketers are making a lot of money with campaigns that compete for top keyword listings. You need to be aware that Google AdWords is not a 24 hour turnkey campaign; it requires proper keyword research and lots of practice. With the right tips and tools, you can make a lot of money.

What is Google AdWords? It is an engine designed to charge advertisers based on the quality of the ad and the maximum allowed bid price. The highest bidder is not the person whom gains the first position on Google. Positioning is dependent on quality; this is monitored through a scoring system for the Adwords. Money is earned when that quality threshold is such that the ads appear in the sponsored column on Google and can be clicked by your demographic thus funnelling that person to your site to buy the product.

Google AdWords is a PPC (Pay Per Click) system for online marketers. It’s quick and easy to manage so advertisers can facilitate campaigns very smoothly. Why are certain ads appearing and not others for the top keywords entered into the search box? Well, that’s the trick.

Your AdWords campaigns are supported by a range of Google tools like keyword generators. This is combined with demographic tools to allow you to find the right keywords that target that demographic. This is the key as it maximises ROI (Return On Investment) gained from your advertising budget.

If your keywords are chosen carefully, your demographic will see the ads in the right hand column. This is an effective way of targeting the prospects that are likely to buy your product on the spot. You are targeting the prospective customers whom want your product and therefore will generate sales.

There are other tools, you can use such as Keyword Elite and AdWord Accelerator. I can’t cover them completely here but basically they can help. Keyword Elite shows the site being monitored, the keywords, whether the web site is bidding on that keyword, and the days upon which the keywords were found. AdWord Accelerator provides keywords that are hardly used by competing sites at a CTR (Click Through Rate) that almost matches the top keywords. This helps as it provides the top keywords at a reduced advertising cost.

You can start earning immediately with AdWords. Money can be earned over and over; you don’t even need a web site.There are training courses available and it’s wise to grab one as they are hosted by successful affiliate marketers. Two I can recommend are Affiliate Funnel System and The Wealthy Affiliate.

Affiliate programs are a great way to supplement or even replace your existing income. You can sell your own products and no affiliate marketer needs an inventory. The best marketers are tenacious. They will be constantly looking for hot new niches and the best keywords to target them.

All clicks are monitored and reported in your AdWords account. The tracking system also watches vigilantly for fraudulent attempts to generate false clickthroughs.

You will need to get used to writing lots of blogs, ads and articles and mixing them up on various sites including your own. You need to monitor closely how well each of your AdWord campaigns is doing. Set a budget on the first month, don’t go wild. Test the water with a small budget to get the feel for what works for you.

Top Tip ? ensure your landing page has 100% relevant and fresh content and is easy to read. Remember getting the customer to your page is one thing; it’s your quality content that then closes the deal.

All the very best with your AdWord campaigns!

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