How to write a persuasive email campaign?

Writing a good set of Email campaign takes skills and effort. Too many internet marketers take this for granted and just slaps together a 5 minute email marketing campaign and move on to get other tasks done leaving themselves scratching their heads later on wondering why their email marketing campaign isn’t effective at all.

A good email marketing campaigns have to be very goal oriented. Not only that, your emails should get opened, read and your links clicked on for it to be successful. Of course that would not be the end of the story right there. You will also have to plan your landing page and then move your clicks into sales and then channel your buyers into a good sales funnel in order for you to churn out a profit. A lot of planning and thoughts have to be placed into your email autoresponder series and also for your email broadcasts.

And after all those shenanigans, you will still have to think of a way to help improve your relationship with your list every single time you send out an email to them. But the most important part of all this would definitely be how you can write a persuasive letter because only a persuasive letter can get you the attention, open rate and clicks that can make you sales. Well fret no more, because here are some great ways to aid you in writing a killer email newsletter fast.

Speak directly to your target reader.

The very first thing that you should be doing is to learn how you can write as if you are speaking directly to your target reader. It is rather important for you to talk to them as if they are an individual instead of trying to talk to multiple people at once. The thing about an email is that it is a very private thing. People perceive an Inbox to be a very private thing and they expect the emails that they get are mostly concealed, secure and full of privacy. Therefore you are further enhancing this experience when you are trying to converse with them as an individual and keeping it in a private manner.

Another thing that this accomplishes is that you are actually talking to someone as if you know him or her personally and this can help with the relationship building and also the building of trust and your authority to speak. If you are addressing them as a general public, your subscriber might not take you seriously enough and thus ignore all your incoming messages. This is definitely hampering your email marketing effort like it or not.

Go straight to the point.

These days, nobody has the extra time to waste. It is a fact and that is the exact reason why your emails you should not be wasting anyone’s time and just go straight to the point on why you are contacting your subscribers and what you want them to do. This quick and straight forwardness will usually get you a better click through rate as well because people generally do not read a lengthy email. A quick, short and precise email is all you need to get them curious on your link and then use a good call to action to get them to click on your link.

A story that your target reader can relate to.

Although it is advisable for you to write an email that is short and direct to the point, if you can blend this formula with a good story that your email subscribers can relate you, you should be able to double its effectiveness right off the bat. Everyone has a weak point and if your story hits the nail in the head, you will be able to get a huge response from your email.

For example, people in the weight loss niche are usually having problems controlling their desire to eat. No matter what kind of will power they have it is still a task that will test them. Hence if your email has a story about this ‘hardship’ that they are currently suffering from and you promise to solve this once and for all, you will without a doubt see a great amount of response to your email broadcast and you will also definitely be able to see a huge surplus to your clicks.

Repeat but make it different.

Humans are known to be receptive to a message only after they are exposed to it for a few times. This is why we need to actually repeat our messages to them over and over again to your subscribers in order for them to finally ‘get it’. However you must do it differently each time you plan to repeat a similar point or argument that you have. Make sure to give a lot of examples, and testimonials to gradually improve their trust and interest level.

The more you follow up with your subscribers, the more response you will be able to get from them. One of the things about email marketing is that while one email swipe might fail you, another entirely different email swipe with the same message could easily get you a huge response. Hence, if you find that your broadcast about a certain product or topic is not doing well, do not be discouraged, try a few more times with a different subject headline and body copy, you will never know when you got a winning email that will get you a lot of open rate, click through rates and sales. Remember, no single email is created equal and no single email is the answer to all your worries. Keep writing and keep improving and you shall slowly grow towards your success.

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