How to Be Social on YouTube: Making YouTube a Part of Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social media networks are actively pursued by many businesses today to generate higher traffic and sales that would boost their operations exponentially. One of the increasingly popular marketing strategies is the use of videos.

More and more businesses now understand the dynamics and marketing potentials of promo videos to expand their market presence and branding. The long list of benefits and advantages are sufficient to entice any smart business big or small to indulge into social media marketing (SMM).

Be Sociable for More Traffic

One of the effectiveness of engaging into SMM is the millions of users on these networking platforms. Social media networking sites are frequently visited by thousands of potential business prospects every day. This forms an excellent pool of potential leads for the business with a myriad of desirable characteristics that would fit the nature of the business to the ‘T’.

Business marketers need to capitalize on this vast resource to fuel their business ventures. However, they would need to understand the dynamics and concepts of SMM properly to work at it effectively and efficiently. These social networks are ideal in identifying niche markets for the business to be established, stabilized or expand in the marketplace.

But these networking platforms are designed to permit online social interactions across the globe via the Internet. This is readily possible with the advanced technologies that continue to progress as newer technologies such as mobile technologies come into play. Web consumers interact readily with one another on social media networks to keep themselves updated on local and global events in every avenue of life and business.

Business marketers who put in effort to socialize on the web through social networks would benefit greatly over time with a bigger and stronger customer base. This would generate more traffic to their web business site for a higher sales conversion that leads to more profits and stronger market presence.

There are numerous ways which online marketers could indulge in for promoting their brand and products on social media. Being fans and followers of potential leads and customers would open up the floodgate for business prospects to be exposed to the business while joining online forums or participating in chats would enlarge the marketers’ points of contacts and establish their expertise in various fields in the industry.

Potentials of YouTube

Another marketing potential for businesses on social networks is videos. A lot of exciting and interesting videos are produced on YouTube not just to entertain viewers, but also serve as promotional materials for innovative and aggressive online businesses of all sizes and industries.

YouTube videos are popular with massive numbers of viewers that serve as potential leads for a business. Millions of YouTube viewers subscribe to this platform with a wide array of videos in all industries about almost all categories in life, work and economy. Marketers could engage in YouTube promo video marketing to enlarge their circles of contact for their business easily with well produced promo videos.

Statistics reveal over 142 million viewers per month with 48 hours of video uploaded per minute and at least 3 million views a day on YouTube. Marketers should capitalize on YouTube videos to take advantage of these massive numbers that form their potential business leads. The market offers plenty of tips and guides to leverage on YouTube video marketing as a powerful social tool for the business to reach a wider market quickly and effectively.

It is very easy to produce a simple marketing or business video in a short period of time with few development tools and skills. The advanced technologies, today make available the required video development tools readily at very low costs while minimal skills are needed to produce a simple yet effective promo video. It is easy to develop better video production skills over time with more practices.

One well developed promo video on YouTube can reach massive audiences in a short timeframe quickly and cheaply compared to traditional advertising means. YouTube videos could be viewed at any time from anywhere by potential leads with an auto-responder to manage interested parties or direct these to the website through the insertions of URLs on the videos.

Different types of videos could be produced and uploaded onto YouTube. Well developed videos gain the favor of search engines like Google to secure higher page rankings that opens the doors for more traffic. A well produced and impactful video on YouTube could go viral with newsworthy and entertaining contents that delight the viewers. Such videos would be shared and forwarded in a matter of minutes to be viewed by hundreds or thousands in a few minutes. This would be the best of free online marketing and advertising a business could ever hope for to gain mileage in the market.

Effective Tips to SMM

A successful SMM on video marketing via YouTube requires a few effective tips and tricks of operation. This would include opening a YouTube account and some basic video production tools and skills. The right facilities such as camera, video or webcam must be available to shoot and edit videos especially business promo videos.

Marketers need to plan well on ideas to develop a more effective and impactful video that serves to promote their business. The market offers many successful videos that are entertaining, interesting and value-added. Novice video producers could learn from these by picking up some tips and tricks in generating high quality promo videos for the business that would impress viewers especially targeted business prospects.

Regular production and uploading of promo videos is advised to retain existing customers and potential leads while drawing in new ones from various quarters. It is recommended that one video should be uploaded fortnightly until the response improves with a greater demand for higher upload frequencies.

Quality videos are enjoyed by all viewers for a good and quick understanding of the contents and message without wasting consumers’ time. There would be less viewer complaints and frustrations when good videos convey the message appropriately while the variety in video productions allows the business to seek out other potential leads from different sources to expand their emailing list.

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