B2B marketing and how LinkedIn can be used as a marketing tool.

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B2B marketing and how LinkedIn can be used as a marketing tool.


LinkedIn is a professional social media platform networking website, and it is used by millions of professionals all over the world. It is a site that is responsible for social media leads. It focuses mainly on B2B connections. For this reason, it has to be a part of your marketing strategy on social media.

When used at the basic level, you can set a personal profile and then connect with some other professionals that you are interested in or the ones that you already know. With this, you can get some regular updates when the profiles are updated. You can have a profile of the company as well and then allow people to follow the page and see the updates that you make from time to time.

The six degrees of separation is a feature that you can find on LinkedIn and it allows you to see the connections you have with others. Sometimes the connection can be very close between you and your customers, or your prospects. You may also realize that you are closely connected to the competition.

The main thing is that LinkedIn actually works for the B2B lead generation.

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So to use LinkedIn in marketing, you need to take it to another level. Some of the most important things that you can put into action include:

  • Reinforce your profile on LinkedIn

You should always consider LinkedIn profit as a resume that is interactive. You need to list the information that has to do with your education and the work experience you have had so far. The site allows you to engage the profile using interactive capabilities that can showcase the experience you have.

  1. Status updates: this is a great way to get your connections to know the things that are happening. You should post status updates and some statements that you feel connections may actually find useful. You may include links and images that are related to third parties or your own website. The updates should be made regularly.
  2. Articles are also important and it is an amazing chance to establish yourself as an expert.
  3. Presentation and videos: if you post content on YouTube or slide share, these should be displayed on the profile.
  4. Recommendations: you can request recommendations through the site to highlight your experience and expertise to enhance the profile.
  5. If you have been able to complete projects successfully, you may choose to post them.
  6. You should also take the time to list out your expertise and skillsets on your profile so that others can understand your abilities.
  7. You should also consider showcasing any kind of publications that you wrote
  8. Causes and volunteering add value to your LinkedIn account so be sure to include them.
  • The company page

You need a company page so that you can give details regarding your brand. You can talk about the services and products that are on offer and then share regular updates with your followers. You can also use the page to get new workers. The company page should have a banner image, which is what people notice first when they come to the page. It should be a reflection of the brand and what you want others to see.

You also need to show the services and products and make sure you use feature lists, images, rich descriptions, links, and even YouTube videos.

The company page should also have status updates on a regular basis. Here, you can show content that is available on your website. You may choose to sponsor your updates at a fee to ensure that they reach as many people as they possibly can.

  • The community features

These features need to be taken advantage of. Apart from the company page and personal page, there are different community features that are available on LinkedIn that make it possible for you to collaborate and communicate with other users. These include groups and influencers. The groups can help you to be in touch with like-minded social media platform individuals especially when you are focusing on a specific area of expertise. As for the influencers, you can connect with the leaders who are greatly respected in different walks of life. You should take the time to share and comment on their posts on your profile.

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  • Leveraging the social platform as a tool for marketing

The social media platform is a very valuable tool that can be used to grow the B2B business and set your career in motion. Here are some ways that can actually help you to achieve this.

  1. Brand the address: when you have a profile on LinkedIn, you will get a web address, which may appear like odd letters collection. This address can be customized to have it branded with a name.
  2. You need to post some educational updates and participate in the different group discussions on LinkedIn to be recognized as a thought leader and an expert in this area.
  3. Warm calling is the way in which LinkedIn can be used. When you want to reach someone, you can find them and see your connections with them. The introduction features can be used to reach out to the connection.
  4. You should also use the platform to find valuable employees. The recruiting tool available on the social platform can be very effective when compared to the traditional websites that are used for recruiting. You can then target the applicants based on their expertise and experience.
  5. Updated connections: when you meet someone new, you should think of connecting them to the social media platform. This is an amazing way to expand your reach and influence. Connections should be updated about the accomplishments that you have made so far. To have great results, the introduction message should be personalized.

Bottom line social media platform there is more to LinkedIn that reaches the eye. When you know about all the ways you can use the site, then you will be at a great advantage.

Social Media Platform

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