5 Ways the Website Design Affects the SEO of the Website

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Internet marketingCompanies today face an enormous pressure in staying buoyant in the market with rising competition as advanced technologies open the floodgates to more aspiring entrepreneurs in online business ventures. The myriad of Internet marketing opportunities available in the market is mind-boggling with plenty of success stories from new to veteran market players.

Successful online entrepreneurs or companies today would attribute their business success to the availability of a great website that entices more Internet marketing traffic.

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Effective Marketing with Website Design An effective marketing strategy is not engaging in keyword search engine optimization alone where identified Internet marketing keywords are stuffed into articles, blogs and websites or online ads. Google has upgraded its search spiders with more stringent algorithms that frown on such stuffing attempts to win a higher page ranking.

The emphasis today is an efficient and captivating website design that would impact the market with well implemented SEO features and application. Different website designs have different impacts on SEO and the market due to the selected features found on the website.

The SEO of the website could be enhanced through a dynamic website design that is appealing and attractive to web consumers as well as adhere to the search engine requirements for a higher page ranking.

1) A Parallax Website Design

A parallax design for the web business site places the whole website on one page. It makes use of menus displayed together for easy viewing, although this is not considered SEO effective. The keyword search impact is reduced on popular search engines with potentially fewer pages ranked which results in a lower overall page ranking by search engines.

2) The HTML5 Website Design

An HTML web design is popular with the embedding of videos and other interesting images to form an informative and appealing website. The website also becomes more functional and interesting with the availability of videos and images instead of just text.

Such websites are fast loading and loved by search engines which render higher page rankings; hence, SEO marketing efforts are enhanced.

3) Responsive Website Designs

A top website choice design is the responsive design where multiple devices are catered as more web users choose their preferred online device for browsing. Responsive designs are great in accommodating the different web user needs and applications with a response to the type of online device used.

The responsive website is quick to adapt to the identified browser and device, be it a PC, tablet or mobile phone. Easy navigation is possible with a thumbs-up for SEO.

4) Optimal Web Pages Website Design

Having a certain number of pages for a website has an important effect on the SEO of the website. A website with many pages would need to use more time and effort to have every page ranked by the search engine. Hence, the website would be more visible on the Internet for web consumers, whereas a website with only two pages would be ranked quickly by search engines with potentially two pages on the results listing.

It is good to have an optimal number of web pages on a website as part of its design to secure wider market visibility. This would work towards a higher SEO attainment for the website.

The local information should be displayed on every web page to enable enhanced Google search algorithms to find quickly for generating good results.

5) High Quality Content with Unique Keywords

A great website that impacts its SEO is one with high quality contents that make use of unique and optimal keywords. These features are excellent to entice top search engines into a successful ranking and search to be placed on top pages.

Good content layout on the web page helps search spiders to identify the structure as required by the search algorithms to warrant a high page ranking. It is essential that keywords are seamlessly included in the content to impact the website design and its SEO features before online marketing success is attained.

Factors Affecting Website SEO

The choice of website design is crucial to the SEO of the website that pushes the website up above the competition and wins more traffic to its site. Nevertheless, the functionality of the website is a priority factor that would impact the search engines’ findings and rankings.

Online website success relies heavily on the primary objective of the website design. Many websites are changed from one design to another to keep up with the emerging technologies and market trends. Others are changed according to the changing business goals and objectives.

A current website design may be changed to implement a new marketing strategy or campaign that is deemed to increase traffic. Business expansion plans for growth are constantly on the mind of business owners and marketers to consider changing or upgrading their web business site design.

Such design changes must ensure easy navigation for both web visitors and search engine spiders that monitor the changes to adjust the page ranking. User friendly navigation is essential to a successful business engaging a website as faster and easier searches of the business information, products and services would contribute to higher sales and profits.

Page loading speeds are another consideration in the choice of website designs. Business prospects may get frustrated with a long loading as modern consumers are busy individuals. A fast page loading contributes positively to the SEO success of the website.

Rapid changes in technology today require the business to adapt to the changes quickly to stay in the competition; if not ahead. As mobile technology emerges, a dynamic website design would need to be mobile friendly to accommodate the growing sophisticated mobile phones and devices in the market.

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More traffic and sales are expected as web consumers enjoy a better online experience with the brand via the up-to-date website. The Internet marketing SEO campaign would be more successful when marketers and business owners give what web consumers want and expect according to market trends.

A well implemented SEO website design for any business would augur well with both Internet marketing web consumers and search engines to boost the brand and bottom line.

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